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Because Sirens are enchantresses who lure sailors to a sexy yet unsavory end, and can be found wherever a traveler or sailor might wander, it is not necessary that their musical instruments be in harmony when performing as a musical quartet. After all their music and beauty are bewitching and irresistible no matter the calamitous sounds they may make. Curious as it seems, a simple and unknown fact about these Sketchy Neighbors of the sea is, that while it is passionately exciting to be a Siren, there are many periods of solitude. Thus, being both ancient and modern these young Sirens have each taken a muse as both companions and inspiration.

The Sirens are: Morwenna, the pibgorn playing, starfish eye patched, white locked Arctic siren and her Narwhal Yseult; Oki, the Japanese Koto playing, raven haired siren and her heart shaped eye patch wearing squid, Nadeshiko; Cordelia, the red haired, mandolin playing Welsh siren and her muse the bindi wearing seal, Ronan and Kailani, the chestnut tressed, Ukeke playing Hawaiian siren and her muse, Alapai, the swim goggle wearing Eel, who also wears the sailor hat of a previous "suitor".

More to come soon!

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